Monday, April 9, 2012

Slightly off-topic......

....but a very worthwhile read: Matt Ridley's 17 Reasons to be Cheerful.

Biotech folks might know Ridley from his excellent book Genome: the Autobiography of a Species, and much of his mainstream writing popularizes genomics/genetics. His most recent (also excellent) book, The Rational Optimist is a mainstream book, though with strong scientific basis, arguing for a very positive future and dispelling many current doom n' gloom concerns. His 17 Reasons article (linked above) is a condensed version of The Rational Optimist, and a very worthwhile and quick read.

Money quote:

"I cannot recall a time when I was not being told by somebody that the world could survive only if it abandoned economic growth. But the world will not continue as it is. The human race has become a problem-solving machine: It solves those problems by changing its ways. The real danger comes from slowing change."

See my links list in the left column to find a link to Ridleys blog, which he regularly updates with more insight.

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